NetTALK is a company that provide VoIP devices and services similar to Magic Jack. When traveling outside the country like to Vietnam, VoIP services like Magic Jack, Vonage and netTALK are useful for staying in touch with your friends and family back at home.

From the title of this post you already know that I don’t recommend netTALK. And of course I am going to give you my why’s in a minute. But first let me tell you the reasons I’ve bought it the first place.

I’ve bought a netTALK Duo WiFi device that looks like the one in the pictures below. I was using Magic Jack at the time and switched over to netTALK because I saw a few things in its advertising that intrigued me. One major feature was fax enabled. Magic Jack doesn’t work for faxing. Another cool feature was call forwarding which Magic Jack doesn’t have but used to included in its basic features, not anymore. And this next one is very important, “Live Customer Service” that you can talk to. Because Magic Jack only do email and live chat support, so I decided to make a switched.

I also didn’t get the regular device but the WiFi one because I prefer wireless whenever possible.

From the looks of these pictures you can see it’s pretty enticing with those features and by buying the device you’ll be getting 12 months free phone service and renew at $29.95 per year. All together, not a bad deal.

Let’s get to the meat of the story why I will not use netTALK ever again. And will not recommend it to anyone I know.

Like any man with his new toys, I was excited with my new netTALK Duo WiFi device. So I activated as normal and pick out a phone number for myself. Everything went well. I’ve used it and tested it and even the fax machine uses the netTALK line works. Like I’ve said, everything went well. Up until I got an email saying my netTALK subscription is expiring soon. And this was only after a few months of used.

By the way, the quality is similar to Magic Jack and Vonage. They’re all comparable with different packages and features.

Upon receiving the emails, I wasn’t panicking because I’m sure it was an error. I just have to contact support and it will all ironed out. And that’s exactly what I did but that didn’t exactly ironed out. As a matter of fact, that’s THE PROBLEM.

I first tried to contact support. I’ve opened a new ticket, explained and asked what had happened, and submitted it. I didn’t get a respond. So the next day, I added to the ticket. No respond. I believe I added a few more times and no response. So I opened up a new ticket because I thought maybe my old ticket was lost in data space somewhere. Still no response. I had enough of that so I called and never got a live person but a machine. I’ve called a few more times with the exact same result, NOTHING. Just the machine, if I remember correctly then there wasn’t even an option to leave a message. It’s something along the line “call back another time” something like that.

This incident with netTALK happened over half a year ago. I don’t exactly remember all the details of how many times I contacted them and in what orders. But the point, I have contacted them numerous times with no response. I gave up and vowed to never to do business with them again.

Then they start spamming me!

Well, the spams are not intentional. But it was considered spamming because I didn’t want any communication from them. The emails continue telling to renew my subscription even after it was expired. It was more of a promotional emails. So in anger, I contacted them again through the support system telling them never to email me again. I don’t want to do business with them. But that darn emails keep coming.

Still giving them a chance.

After all these times and troubles they cost me. I’m giving them another chance to make it up to me. Yesterday, I’ve emailed them because when I thought of writing this post I don’t have all the details of what had happened. I went back to my old emails and tried to find anything that was left so I can give you a clearer version of what had happened. I’ve also tried to log into netTALK support system to get a look at those tickets I’ve opened up. And of course, that didn’t work. I looked around the website for a little bit and found out that they were changing their support system around the time that I have contacted.

So I thought maybe that’s the reason why they didn’t responded. Which shouldn’t have happened that way anyway. Because a big or small company like that should put customer service at most important. They should live up to the standard they have set in their advertisement.

Now, it has been 28 hours and still no respond from them.

If you’re vacationing in Vietnam and something like this happened then you’re out of luck.

Maybe your service might not expired at that time but what if you have some kind of technical issue with your device? You contact them and they don’t get back to you. You’re screwed if that your only source of communication back to home. You purchased these types of devices and services because it saved you money. Now you will have to use your regular mobile service that’s going to cost a lot more. Wouldn’t you be PISSED? I know I was and still am.

So now, I’m back at Magic Jack and Google Voice for my source of communication with my friends and family back in the states.

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