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Who is the insider?

If you're planning on traveling to Vietnam anytime in the near future or sometime in your life then this Vietnam travel web site was built and designed with you in mind and for you.

Vietnam Travel·a·ble is not a travel agency of any kind. It is a personal web site owned and operated by another Vietnam traveler, me!

Hi there, I'm Tino. And I’m hoping you will allow me to be your personal Vietnam Travel Guide. Free of charge, as long as you have access to this website you will have a Vietnam Travel guide at your command.

My goal is to help you with your visit to Vietnam; making it smarter, safer, more pleasant and enjoyable.

"Why am I doing this?"

Well... because I have many experiences where I needed the help and it wasn’t available to me, not even on Google. And I want my experiences help someone else like yourself.

I'm originally from California and have been living in Vietnam for the past 4 years. I think it would be nice to keep a journal and at the same time helping others out.

The Focus

I will be more centered around doing the local stuff in Vietnam.

Although there are many tourist attraction spots in Vietnam and I'll be talking about them. I want you know that I'll be doing a lot more local stuff giving the inside scoops. If you're looking for a vacation that's mainly relaxing like at a resort or more of a beach relaxation then you might want to check out Vietnam tour agencies.

I will also be sharing with you those type of hot tourist attractions of Vietnam. But my focus is on getting the adventurist vacation having you mingling with the locals of Vietnam, understanding the cultures, lifestyles, and even government at times.

And might even suitable for people that consider living in Vietnam for a few years because of work related or just a long over due vacation from life. There will be insider tips like phone services, unblocked facebook, avoid buying unnecessary stuff, how to say no to people pestering you and more.

I hope you find this Vietnam tourism website with "Insider Tips" useful.

One last thing, let me say to you:

Welcome to Vietnam!

halong-bay-of-vietnam 7 Reasons You Should Visit Vietnam

You should do it.

  1. TOURIST ATTRACTIONVietnam is full of popular tourist attractions with breathe taking scenes like Halong Bay, Island of Phu Quoc, and the newly discovered Hang Son Doong cave was found in 2009.

  2. AFFORDABLEIt's still one of the most affordable countries you can visit today. A full combo meal of the local foods can be under $1 USD. A decent hotel in Ho Chi Minh City could be book for less than $10 USD/day.

  3. CULTUREThe Vietnamese culture is rich with rooted histories that go back to the ancient Bronze age Dong Son culture. With many influences like the Khmer culture due to the southward expansion and later by the Western European and also adapted the Latin alphabet. Today, you still can see the traditional and modern culture of Vietnam by visiting different parts of the country.

  4. RESORTIt has many beaches including beautiful island beaches like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang Islands, and Con Dao. Beautiful resorts are at your fingertips.

  5. FOODIf you want authentic Vietnamese foods then you got it. You can't get any more authentic then this. I recommend you eat local. It's cheap, good, and "give you a taste of the culture".

  6. FRIENDLYThe locals are usually very happy to see foreigners. Rather you speak Vietnamese or not they're eager to answer and help. They even pay extra attention to you because they see you're foreign.

  7. COFFEEBelieve it or not Vietnamese coffee are very well known. Introduced by the French in the late 19th century and quickly after became a major exporter of coffee. Coffee plantations are all over the central of area of Vietnam like the famous Dak Lak known for their coffee. When someone mentioned Dak Lak first thing come to mind is "coffee".

A Bonus Reason To Visit Vietnam

EXOTIC FOOD & FRUITBeside the local authentic foods, you will have the opportunity to try things that you don't normally get to try in the states. They have snakes, ells, mice, balut, and more. As for fruits, it's FRESH. Example you can drink fresh coconuts everyday and have other exotic fruits in Vietnam like "chom chom", jack-fruit, durian, and many more.

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